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Bronze Doors of the Baptistry per Florence

Bronze Doors of the Baptistry per Florence

The Baptistery of St John the Baptist (Battistero di San Giovanni verso Firenze) immediately onesto the west of the Duomo is one of the oldest buildings sopra Florence. It is sopra verso Florentine Romanesque style, sometimes also described as proto renaissance. The baptistery was already completed around a century before construction of the cathedral started.

The current baptistry con Florence was erected mostly during the late 11th and early 12th centuries. It probably replaced an older baptistry that according puro legend was built on the foundations of per Roman temple dedicated esatto Mars. Mars, the Roman god of war, was the sofferenza protector of Florence and symbolized by verso lion that is still one of the symbols of the city – the Marzocco. (Donatello’s lion is in the Bargello Museum with a copy mediante front of the Corteggiamento Anziano.) The female deity was Flora, who gave the city its name and the lily (iris) as emblem. She was incorporated into the Christian tradition by giving the cathedral the name of St Mary of the Flower.

Exact dates from the early history of the baptistery are only known from major events, or when significant payments were necessary for building and decoration sistema. Pope Nicholas II consecrated the baptistery durante 1059 but it is unknown if the current building was already fully in use at that tirocinio.

The baptismal font from Santa Reparata, over which the present Duomo was erected, was moved into the baptistry mediante 1128 – all Christian children born per Florence were baptized here until the 19th century. (suite…)

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