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The brand new African woman wants sex throughout the beach

The brand new African woman wants sex throughout the beach

Could it possibly be me personally or is you will find a large increase of the cosmopolitan girl in Africa? We contact her, the fresh African girl. The fresh new African lady satisfies friends for cocktails like a€?sex on beach’, after she will get down her 9-5 corporate work. She’s the lady exactly who talks easily about sex, and likes they as well.

This lady requires holiday weeks and balances job and perform lifetime. This is a stark change from our mom’s generation. For starters, basically informed my mom I became having sex on the beach…the furthest thing on the mind is a drink in a glass.

1. We take care of our selves very first…without any apologies

This can suggest things from stopping a position that people dislike to beginning our own companies. It might additionally mean overlooking most of the haters and returning to class for a second degree.

2. We pick household…and job

Keep in mind whenever at one time in which lady was required to select from progressing inside her career versus raising kids being the partner?

Better, just who stated a lady are unable to do both. African women can be discovering innovative means of balancing the two. We can make a mean jollof for supper and safeguard a situation in court the second morning.

3. Our company is babes who code and try everything else

Did you know that there seemed to be a study that revealed that black women are now the most educated party in the usa? (suite…)

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